Calling the cluster community - read, use, contribute and be inspired by our new publishing platform, Shared Views

During the 3-days conference, every delegate took a copy of the publication. Our collection of edited articles was just a taste of what was yet to come as a main meetings course in Sofia, hoping it would provoke the appetite and would help to build upon the valuable community around shared values.



We were thrilled to have in Sofia world leading thinkers who have joined us to discuss the whole range of issues around cluster economics, from theory and research, right through to concrete examples.


In the publication you can find:


ü  Policy & Strategy studies, presented by James Wilson, Research Director at Orkestra, The Basque Institute of Competitiveness, as well as Alberto Pezzi, Treasurer & Member of the TCI Network Board of Directors;

ü  Big Interview on “Charting a new alignment” – a meeting with the TCI president Christian Ketels, talking about “What are the key milestones for the TCI Network”;

ü  EU Strategy – Smart Specialisation in the EU feature, focusing on the inputs of linking Social Economy & Smart Specialisation

ü  Clusters on the Inside – a summary of “Cluster Development Handbook” by Ifor Ffowcs-William, CEO, Cluster Navigations Limited, New Zealand

ü  ECCP – The EU Platform connecting Clusters

ü  How to transform an Ugly Duckling – Dr Danka Milojkovic, Director of the Cluster House, Serbia explores the question of whether Balkan clusters can contribute to a regional transformation

ü  In sector “projects” we have Probiotics with a Harvard flavour

ü  Cluster evaluation: learning to complete the various circle! by Madeline Smith, James Wilson and Emily Wise of the Cluster Evaluation Working Group

ü  A Nice collection of case studies: “Hungary’s Alliance of cluster science”, “Austrian Mechatronics”, “Clusters paving the way to bioeconomy in the Danube region” and “Russian Cluster Observatory”;

ü  We have Vedat Kunt, UNIDO International Cluster Development and Marketing Experts, offers some inghts on shared values in Montenegro agri and food clusters and

ü  A nice contribution by KQarterly on Bulgarian’s labour market



We are keen to improve on this start and to see if we can build a community that is in touch 24/7 and 365 days – for those that want to connect and tap into our font of common knowledge at any time.


If you’d like to help us build this information portal, both on line and in print, do share your ideas with us!


Consulting Cluster Veritas is currently exploring opportunities to connect with international partners to continue the journey of Shared Views. If interested to become part of the project, please email Teodora Jilkova,


We would like to thank Ulla Engelmann, Head of Unit, Cluster, Social economy & Entrepreneurship for facilitating the distribution of Shared Views publication during the Social Economy Conference, 16 & 17th April in Sofia, in the frame of Bulgarian EU Presidency. 

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